Windows Repair

Windows Repair 4.4.3

Windows Repair

Windows Repair Crack is an assurance of Windows repair contraptions that can settle all method for known Windows issues, including; Likewise registry bungles, record assents, Internet Explorer issues, Windows Update issues, and Windows Firewall issues et cetera. With Windows Repair you can restore the principal Windows working system’s settings and fix different instabilities and issues. Every so often your Windows foundation can wind up spoiled because of deficiently presented applications or Malware, which can alter your settings realizing your system getting the opportunity to be unsteady and unusable.

Windows Repair Pro is a utility that contains different downsized fixes for Windows. This gadget will empower you to repair standard issues with your PC. As, firewall, record approval, and Windows Update issues. While using this gadget you can pick the particular fixes you should need to dispatch and start the repair system. This gadget furthermore touches base in a flexible variation that empowers you to use the program from a minimal device, for instance, a USB streak drive.

Windows Repair 4.4.3 with Crack + Serial Keygen

Windows Repair Software can restore Windows novel settings settling a critical number of these issues all things considered. Consistently a program running on the system can block the repairs or even aggravate them. By finishing a Clean Boot with Windows Repair, no pariah tasks will run, cutting down the strategy check to 45 or less.

For the real power here, though, click Start Repairs, select “Custom Mode” and click Start. And here you’ll see options to reset Registry and File permissions, re-register system files, remove system policies commonly set by malware, and repair WMI, your firewall, IE, Hosts file, Winsock and DNS cache, and more. Just check the boxes next to the repair you’d like to carry out, click Start and Windows Repair will fix the selected problems for you.

Windows Repair

Windows Repair 4.4.3

Windows Repair 4 is a compact instrument that fixes most of Windows problems, such as registry errors, file permissions or problems with Windows Update, Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer, etc. Malware and installed programs modify only your default settings, but your Windows original settings will be restored with Windows Repair. If you use Windows Repair, you simply must have Clean Boot! Often a program running on the system can get in the way of the repairs or even mess with them. By doing a clean boot, no 3rd party programs will be running, lowering the process count to 45 or less.

The result is multiple – there is no other program interfering with the repairs, and there are more system resources for the repairs, and the repairs themselves will finish faster since the CPU, memory and hard drive are not be under the same load they would be if all the other programs were still running.

Windows Repair can fix the following:

  • Registry Errors,
  • File Permissions Problems
  • Internet Explorer Problems
  • Internet Connection Problems
  • Windows Updates Issues
  • Windows Firewall Problems and anything is possible from that point.


  • Automatic Updates,
  • Also Enhanced Windows Drive Cleaner,
  • Likewise Memory Cleaner,
  • Windows Quick Link Menu
  • Run Your Own or Custom Scripts After Repairs,
  • Run Speed Tweaks or After Repairs
  • Performance Enhancements and anything is possible from that point.
  • Also Streamlined, Updated Interface
  • Permissions Backup and Restore of the Registry and File System
  • As Windows Firewall Cleanup Utility also do it.
  •  Likewise Missing Packages or Registry Cleanup
  • Unhide Files Tools – Important for Malware Cleanup
  • Restore Default Printer Ports Repair
  • Add Trusted Installer (Owner/Permissions) to Any File, Folder or .reg Key.
  • Also, Run Any Program as System Account
  • Advanced, Powerful Windows Services Tools or here.
  • Comprehensive Help File

Windows Repair


  • Simplifies the process of repairing and optimizing Windows in four easy steps
  • Repairs a plethora of Windows operating system issues, including but not limited to faulty system updates, CD/DVD drive errors, erroneous host files, proxy settings, Internet Explorer settings, and Windows Firewall settings
  • Can reset file permissions and registry permissions to default settings
  • Quickly remove all temporary files with a click of the mouse to free up system space and memory
  • Reverse the negative effects of malware by removing malicious policies
  • Regularly updated based on user feedback and requests
  • Includes adequate help documentation.
  • Repairs MS Jet and MDAC errors
  • Helps resolve internet connectivity issues by repairing DNS cache and Winsock issues
  • Removes traces of previously uninstalled programs to facilitate better system performance and free up disk space.
  • If the previous version of the software caused registry issues, the new version will automatically repair them


  • Not possible to resize the main window
  • Still a work in progress, so not quite as feature-rich as some other Windows optimization suites.

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